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Benefits of Outsourcing VMware Hosting

Posted on April 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

Looking for a reliable hosting solution these days is like looking for needles in a haystack. The confusing thing is you are not sure of what requirements each company has and what could work for you. There are tons of hosting plans but for this article, we will be focusing on the different types of hosting available in the market. There are 3 major types of hosting on the market and the top among these are the shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VMware hosting. VMware hosting is unlike the normal hosting packages where you need a lot of resources such as hardware, operating system et.c.

A VMware hosting package is necessary when you intend to get an in-house server where you can easily manage it and all the data on it. The benefits of VMware hosting are numerous and some of these include:

1. Cheap to manage
Unlike dedicated and shared hosting, VMware virtualized hosting does not cost much to set up. The need for an operating system and physical server is virtually eliminated and it often does the job far more effectively considering its convenience.

2. Can be Combined with physical servers
Because of its dynamic nature, it can be combined with physical servers, thus making your hosting and data far more reliable than if it were done by just physical servers alone. Because the server is virtualized, there is less clumsiness and more data safety as you are then generating different or a more virtualized network that can be monitored or controlled from one location. This single step can help you save up on costs attached to physical server installation while diverting the amount of time and manpower that could have been used for that into other more productive processes.

3. Data security and assurance
Nothing is worse than not being able to access your data at the time you need it. Therefore, using outsourcing your VMware hosting ensures that not only are those data available, in case of server down times, you can quickly back up your data on different servers across different locations thus, securing your data and making it possible for you to have your own data centre accessible by you at any time. This data security therefore ensures that no matter what the condition might be, you have peace of mind concerning your data.

4. Reduced Need for Extra Hardware
In situations where you need to install new applications, people who use physical servers often spend a lot of time trying to install on a new server. But with VMware hosting, you do not need all that. You can easily set up and install new applications without worrying about physical servers.

In all, virtualized servers are about the best bargain and cost you far less than you would spend on physical servers. A quick look around will assure you of the veracity of this statement. Therefore, if you really want reliable hosting with failover abilities, then VMware hoisting is the way to go.

Canada Ecommerce Web Hosting

Posted on April 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

The Internet has revolutionized the world of business. As the fastest and most efficient means of spreading information, the Internet has made it easier for businessmen to market their products and services to a huge number of consumers worldwide simultaneously.

Collectively, the process of marketing, selling, distributing and buying of goods and services over the Internet is called E-commerce. With an ever-growing number of Internet users around the world, having an e-commerce site is a must for every business, small or big.

While e-commerce is the biggest trend in United States’ business world, in Canada, e-commerce accounts for only a small fraction of the total sales of private businesses. Only seven percent of the total number of Canadian companies (mostly the biggest businesses in Canada) sells their products over the Internet. Small and medium-sized businesses are not yet confident enough to engage in e-commerce because most Canadian consumers are still skeptical about the financial security of most e-commerce sites.

There is a considerable increase though in the number of online sales generated by various Canadian government departments and companies in 2004 — almost fifty percent increase, statistics show. The largest online sales amounting to $19.8 billion resulted from business to business sales.

Still, e-commerce web hosting is a good business in Canada. Web hosting refers to an Internet hosting service that provides businesses with online systems for storing information, including web site contents, images and videos, as well as Internet connectivity. Simply put, web hosting service providers give your business a “home” in the Internet.

Web hosting service providers in Canada offer services ranging from email hosting, domain registration, directory protection, site usage statistics, technical support and more. Services costs vary, depending on the space you would occupy and the services you would want to avail. A 500 MB space can cost you about $3 to $4 per month while a larger 70GB space can cost you about $5.

The Good, the Bad and the Myths Surrounding Free Web Hosting

Posted on April 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

It seems that about everyone either has their own website or is on their way to getting one online. If you’re still contemplating how to get your website online, all the free web hosting options may send your head swimming! “Absolutely free web hosting,” “No strings attached ever,” “Get your site online today!” These promises abound on the World Wide Web. What’s a person to do? How do you choose? Not to worry, with a little information you will understand the good, the bad and the myths that surround free web hosting.

First of all, let’s look at a few myths surrounding free web hosting.

Myth Number 1: You will not have 24 hour support available with free web hosting. Not necessarily true! Yes, some hosting providers will not offer 24 hour technical support. But, with a little digging, you will find a provider that offers around the clock support.

Myth Number 2: Your website will have much more down time and crash often with free web hosting. Maybe. But again, this depends on who you decide upon as your provider. Find a provider that prides themselves with offering excellent service to all their clients and it will serve you well.

Myth Number 3: Free Web hosting providers will inundate your site with ads. Now this one has the most merit. Until just recently a free web hosting account basically guaranteed an attack of ads on your site. But, with the increasing number of providers offering free hosting, you can now find a provider that promises to keep his or her ads to a minimum.

Before we get into the bad, let’s cover the good about free web hosting.

For starters, it’s free! If you are developing a personal page with relatively few images, free may just suit you well. Using a free web hosting provider gives you the option to put a site up that you normal would opt not to. An increasingly popular item to host online is a resume. You could also publish a wedding or baby site. Some providers also offer the use of an online web site builder. For a basic site, free hosting is a very good price.

Now for the ugly side of free web hosting. Unless you do your homework, you could very easily end up with sub-par service. Your site may be frequently down. Security measures may be lax, which could allow others to hack into your site. The provider may not offer back-up services and you more than likely won’t have access to the root menu.

The silver lining: since there are many providers offering free web hosting you can find one that more than likely offers what you need. If developing a small site, feel free to give free web hosting a try. If it doesn’t work out, fire your provider. Either move on to another free provider or pay the small fee for monthly web hosting service.